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G664 replacement material

G664 replacement material

Since original G664 quarry has been closed, believing that all of you have to be facing the same problems: 1) Price rising; 2) Blocks stocking reducing.

Because of its nice appearance, stable colors, but more important is cheap price, original G664 granite became one of the hottest sale China granites during past years. But with its quarry closed, the market price always keep going up, and more than that is the block stocking in the market keep reducing, eventually you can not find some large sizes now, even if you can find it, you will also find that it’s much expensive than what it’s before. Therefore people are looking for new granite to instead of.

Some cases of original G664 for your reference:

So today we are here to introduce another material which is regarded as the best replacement to instead original G664 so far in China. Please see it’s sample photos as following.

This material is called new G664 in China now. It has similar color with original G664, and its quarry can be continuously mined in coming years, it’s stable enough. Also, its price is not expensive. So, for importers, architects, foreign stone factories, etc, if you are facing the same problem with original G664, I will recommend this material.

Now, we are able to offer this new G664 from BLOCK to FINISHED PRODUCTS, in any size and any form. We collaborate directly with quarry owner, and have our own plants, we are sure our price is advantageous. If you are interested in this material or you are dealing with a new project/building, and have no idea what to choose, we believe it would be a good options.


We are looking forward to your message. And if you have other questions on material sourcing, we are also glad to offer our suggestion.

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In next articles, we will recommend other materials to instead of original G654(Padand Dark/Dark Grey).

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