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G664 replacement material

Since original G664 quarry has been closed, believing that all of you have to be facing the same problems: 1) Price rising; 2) Blocks stocking reducing.

Because of its nice appearance, stable colors, but more important is cheap price, original G664 granite became one of the hottest sale China granites during past years. But with its quarry closed, the market price always keep going up, and more than that is the block stocking in the market keep reducing, eventually you can not find some large sizes now, even if you can find it, you will also find that it’s much expensive than what it’s before. Therefore people are looking for new granite to instead of.

Some cases of original G664 for your reference:

So today we are here to introduce another material which is regarded as the best replacement to instead original G664 so far in China. Please see it’s sample photos as following.

This material is called new G664 in China now. It has similar color with original G664, and its quarry can be continuously mined in coming years, it’s stable enough. Also, its price is not expensive. So, for importers, architects, foreign stone factories, etc, if you are facing the same problem with original G664, I will recommend this material.

Now, we are able to offer this new G664 from BLOCK to FINISHED PRODUCTS, in any size and any form. We collaborate directly with quarry owner, and have our own plants, we are sure our price is advantageous. If you are interested in this material or you are dealing with a new project/building, and have no idea what to choose, we believe it would be a good options.


We are looking forward to your message. And if you have other questions on material sourcing, we are also glad to offer our suggestion.

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In next articles, we will recommend other materials to instead of original G654(Padand Dark/Dark Grey).

18th Xiamen International Stone Fair

Today(March/6th/2018), the 18th Xiamen International Stone Fair has been opened again in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. Thousands of people from global world has attend this exhibition with hope and delight.

In the coming 3 days(7th to 9th), more than 2,000 companies from 56 countries and regions will show their products in this 180,000m2 exhibition hall, it might includes their main products, like Tombstone, Sculpture, Kitchen Countertop, or Other Construction Material; Or it might be some new material, like widely welcomed Granite, New Marble, Quartz, and Onyx, ect, even there you can find state of the art stone machines, stone tools and the others stone-related products.

In this year fair, the foreign exhibitors are not only the regulars from Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Greece, India, Iran, France and Pakistan total 11 countries, but also premium enterprises from Angola, Oman, Poland, Germany, Dominica, Philippines, South Korea, United States, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunis, Ukraine first time showing here.

With good publicity and word of mouth, more and more visitors and exhibitors from all over the world has attend this fair, this stimulates market demand, and brings a lot of business opportunities.

The Xiamen International Stone Fair has been a grand festival for global stone business workers. For those who are unable to come there, we feel great pity for you but we are happy to share our great products and some of other companies’ product with you here. The article will be updated if we have newest photos.

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We will quickly choose some of the best hot products of other companies and upload it to share with you guys. Please wait.

Thank you for reading this article, if you feel it’s helpful for you, we would be much appreciated if you could like and share it.

Happy Chinese New Year 2018.

    Dear friends, We are sorry to inform you that this week (From Feb. 5th to Feb. 9th) will be our last working week before Chinese New Year. It’s going to be another New Year for Chinese people (The 2018 Spring Festival is from Feb. 15th to Feb. 26th). All of our labors will have a long vocation, and our factory will also be closed temporarily. And we will be back to work since Feb. 22nd.  

    It’s our great honor to gain your always trust and support in the past year. Here bring our best wishes to your and your family, hope you an endless happiness and everlasting health in the rest days to come. 

    At the same time, we are looking forward to more opportunities with you in the coming years, we promise our Quality and Service will be as perfect as always. And always adhere to our business concept that “Customer’s Satisfaction is the cornerstone of our continued success.” 

   To prevent any urgent things to being ignore neglected, if there is anything with top priority, you can contact Sage at +86-159-8033-4050(Whatsapp same), or leave message on Facebook or Email (sagejsl77@gmail.com)

   Let’s meet in next year. Thank you, friends!!!

Thank you for reading this article, if you feel it’s helpful for you, we would be much appreciated if you could like and share it.

G654, Good bye forever!

Since January 1st. 2018, the G654 dark grey granite quarry has been closed forever. With its closing, the price of G654 has been also going up crazily. From end of November 2017, the time government announced that G654 quarry would be banned for mining after December 31st 2017, to January 10th 2018, the price of G654 block has increased by almost 30%.

As a classical material in stone business, G654 is famous home and abroad and widely used as construction material, kitchen countertop, and tombstone, not only because of its gorgeous look but cheap price.

But now, with its quarry closing, its price has risen sharply, and it’s estimated to keep going up in the coming months. According to the governments’ schedule, 1) all mining works are not allowed since January 1st 2018. 2) All block cutting machines and mining machines need to be cleared from the mining area before January 31st 2018, and all working labors have to leave this area at the same time. 3) And before May 31st 2018, all blocks will be trucked out the mining area, and this quarry will be closed forever.

In this case, many factories has began stocking G654 block to prevent high price in future. Here we also give suggestion to those customers who have to supply their G654 stock that you should plan soon as well. It’s estimated that there is going to be another price rising after Chinese New Year and before next March.

If you are planning a G654 tombstone/monument import, any of your enquiry message is welcome. We would feel pleasant if we could have chance to discuss further, and serve for you with our 100% passion and effort. We couldn’t promise you a lowest price, but world level carving skill is our strength and we always stick in this business concept that “Quality is the cornerstone of our continued success”.

For further discussion and free estimate:


lgdstonecn@gmail.com (admin)     

sagejsl77@gmail.com (Sage Li/Oversea Marketing Manager)

Tel/Whatsapp: +86-159-8033-4050 (Sage Li/Oversea Marketing Manager)

We look forward to your message and cherish each time talking with you.

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Below enclose some different G654 finished products:

G654 quarry


G654 quarry

G654 polished surface tile     

G654 flamed surface tile 


    G654 big slab   


 G654 half slab


       G654 headstone – Angel


 G654 headstone – Angel(carving detail)   


                           G654 European design tombstone 

   G654 Romanian tombstone carving details


     G654 Romanian tombstone double 


G654 Romanian tombstone double 

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Welcome to visit Quanzhou Legend Stone.

Quanzhou Legend Stone lies in Hui’an (The Capital City Of World Stone Carving), China . Since 1993, we have been engaged in all types of Tombstone Production. With the expansion of our factory scale, owning 3 production bases now in China, we gradually step into kitchen & bathroom production and other stone products. (See details below)

As manufacturer, we are able to control quality of products by managing entire process (From Block Selection to Final Quality Inspection, we have efficient teams to ensure our products are in high standard). Also, we are able to control quality of products by managing entire process possible level in equal quality, and our unrivalled service allowed us to offer you extraordinary buying experience. We hope you will join the long list of our satisfied customers.

Our business concept is to create a business environment conducive to repeat long standing business. It is quality and service we offer that gives an upper edge over our competitors.

Product Range:

  • Tombstone / Headstone, Monument, and Funeral Vase / Lamp, in any design; (Our Own CAD Team)
  • Stone Sculpture, in any design; (Our Own CAD Team)
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Countertop, Vanity top, Island top, in any size, any process;
  • Artificial Quartz Slab, Normal Size: 3200X1600 (MM);
  • Granite / Marble Slab or Tiles For Project, in any color, any size, and any form;